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Umano Property Management

Alberto Stein Rios

CEO & Founder

Alberto Stein Rios, CEO & Founder, is a full-time Real Estate Professional, Executive Property Manager and Real Estate Entrepreneur. Since 2004, he has been licensed and worked independently in different facets of the industry, including sales and investing, making him a valuable resource for anyone with a real estate need. When the recession of 2008 hit, his focused switched to property management, when he worked in a variety of positions for some of the largest property management companies in the industry. It was there he gained a foundation of experience in managing all different types of properties- from single family to multi-family, from military housing to student housing, and from low-income housing to luxury apartment living and everything else in between. Despite all the challenges that come with managing properties, this is where he found his niche and passion in the real estate industry.

Now a seasoned veteran, Alberto has returned to his entrepreneurial roots and started Umano Property Management, a premium property management firm dedicated to providing top quality service to both owners and tenants alike. With a persistent dedication to this end, his company has grown and continued to grow in the years that it’s been established. As a way to give back, Alberto has volunteered as an educator through the Rental Housing Association of Washington (RHA) where he has led a series of classes on “Managing Rentals.” His passion for education not only shows in his classes, but has now become one of the cornerstones for Umano and its staff. This has proven to be a tool for Umano in a marketplace where the industry is constantly in the limelight and the laws are ever changing. Today, with ongoing support from his clients, staff and partners, he can now look ahead to his long-term goal for the future: build a business he, his clients and the community will be proud of.

Umano Property Management

Bill Jackson

Executive Property Manager

Billy Banks

Property Manager
Umano Property Management

Our Story

With the advent of technology and the internet, property management has become a much more efficient business for both owners and property managers alike. These tools make many processes faster and easier than ever thought before and are of great benefit to anyone who uses them. However, it is easy to forget technology is just a tool. Many people in the industry, and industries worldwide, have become too reliant on it, too dependent on its capabilities. The result is a paradox: a faceless company ends up managing properties from behind a desk or computer. Instead of bringing people closer together, they end up being separated from others and from their environment. You may have no idea who may be managing your property or if they are actually visiting the property or are taking care of your tenants. This is the opposite of what property management should be. This unintended consequence leaves owners and tenants feeling frustrated and neglected.

Umano Property Management was founded on the basic principle that Property Management is a people business. In fact, our name, Umano is derived from the word “Human.” While technology has increased human ability, it cannot produce the compassion that is found in people who are driven to do their best. Properties need people with compassion to operate them, people who care about their tenants and owners. This core principle is something many companies have forgotten in this day and age. For it is people, not technology, that is the number one resource. And it is relationships between people, the ‘human’ element and connection we all share, that we hold above all else. Because business isn’t always about the money, the product, or the service, but it is almost always about the people. And people will never go out of business.

Code of Ethics

  • Conduct ourselves professionally, with the highest level of integrity, accuracy, fairness and responsibilities to those parties involved and to the public.
  • We shall refrain from engaging in any illegal practices or defrauding any party, customer or vendor, with the aim of conducting business in a professional manner.
  • We will not misrepresent any material fact(s) in our business dealings, and will not cheat, take advantage or malign other parties to a transaction, and will not tolerate anybody engaging in illegal practices of any nature.
  • We shall endeavor to stay informed and updated on matters affecting housing in our communities, and adhere to all local, state and federal laws affecting housing.
  • We shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, age, religion, creed, sex, country of national origin, children, marital status or disability.

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