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Note: These are our typical fees we charge on most properties. Actual fees and commissions will be ultimately determined based on the property type, exact circumstances and scope of work negotiated after a proposal for your property is conducted.

Lease Only

First month's rent
  • Property Showings
  • Tenant Selection
  • Move-in Support


8%+ of monthly rent
  • Leasing Commission
    50 to 75% of First Month's Rent
  • Management Only
    8-12% depending on property
  • Leasing & Management
    8-10% depending on property
  • Renewal Fee
    Renewing old lease to new lease under Umano often included w/ mgmt., otherwise flat fee


4-7% of monthly rent
  • Leasing Fee
    Varies on property
  • Lease-up Commission
    Varies on property
  • Owner Receives
    Late Fees, NSF fees, MTM Fees, Deposit Forfeiture, Rent Premiums (storage, pet fees, etc)
  • Umano Receives
    Notice Fees, Lockout Fees, Lease Break Fees, Convenience fees


4-7% of monthly rent
  • Leasing Fee
    Varies on property
  • Assignment of Lease
    Varies on property

Project Management

10% of budget
  • We Manage Your Project

All rates above are typical for our management services and may vary.


• Establish rental market value of units
• Advertising & marketing of property including on websites such as Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, Craigslist and Rentals.com among a myriad of different sites
• Staging of units when warranted at no extra cost to owner
• Qualifying and screening of applicants:
• Preparation and Execution lease agreement

LEASING-UP SERVICES (for Multi-Family only)

• 90 Day marketing plan
• Community Outreach plan
• Social Media plan


• Collection of rents and late fees
• Move in/Move out and periodic inspections
• Supervision of maintenance and repairs
• Administration of tenant deposit(s)
• Payment of bills (repairs, mortgage, taxes, etc.)
• Computerized accounting, monthly statements to owners with copies of bills
• Service of violation notices
• Rental increases (based on market demand)
• Access to legal services and advice
• Mystery shops available
• Monthly, Quarterly and Annual reports include Updated Rent Rolls, Market Surveys, Income and Expenses, Operating Budgets, and Income Forecasts

Discover Our Services

Professional solutions to maintain your property and improve your equity

Property Marketing

Place the right tenant for your property by letting our team handle your marketing needs. We use powerful tools to connect with local renters.

Tenant Screening

We understand that healthy management relationships are built on good tenants. Our Comprehensive screening process allows us to place only qualified applicants in your unit.

Rent Collection

Enhance your cash flow with our team representing your property. We handle all billing for your property, collect incoming funds & quickly deposit your earnings.


Struggling to keep up with your property's maintenance needs? We’ll coordinate repairs through our extensive relationships with licensed/bonded & insured contractors to keep things running smoothly.

Property Inspections

We preform comprehensive periodic inspections to determine compliance, maintenance issues and tenant responsibilities

Financial Reporting

Our accounting team generates monthly statements and reports for your property. Check in at any time by signing into the online account portal.


Our goal is always to find amicable solutions with tenants, but if we ever find our hands are tied, we'll help you navigate the eviction process.

Legal Guidance

Keep your property in check with our team offering legal guidance. We work to keep your liability limited & ensure you don't find yourself in a bind.

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We Put Our Focus on Healthy Communication

As your property manager, our goal is to represent your home to the best of our ability and  make certain you're always aware of what's happening in your rental. We work to maintain open communication with every client.

No Team Beats Our Customer Service

No problem is too big or too small for our team to tackle on your behalf. We aim to set the standard in customer service. We do that by promptly responding to your inquiries & working tirelessly to keep you satisfied.

We Understand the Importance of Honesty

Many Seattle property managers make big promises, but end up underperforming and using hidden fees to hit you where it hurts. We do things differently: we are committed to offer transparent, effective management.

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